What makes a killer dog?

Many people don’t put much thought into learning what makes a really, really, good hot dog.  And if they do, they have a totally skewed concept of reality.

Some people believe that a really satisfying hot dog is made of kung fu, a side of chili, then add ketchup.  Nope.

While a dash of kung fu and some chili never hurt anybody.  The real secret to a earth shatteringly good hot dog is quality ingredients!  

hot-diggity-dogs food pic 3At Hot Diggity Dogs, we swear by using only the finest materials to construct our Chicago, Philly, Trailer Park, West Virginia, Jersey, and Diggity dogs.  Quality ingredients, a lot of kung fu, a splash of love, and a dash of our owner Pedro the Pyroman’s soul.

When you put those things together, you get Boom Boom Pow!  Them chickens jackin’ my style, They try to copy my swagger! But the beef got them now!

And that’s how you make one of Hot Diggity Dog’s killer dogs.   Visit 7 days a week from 11-6pm.  Get your award winning hot dogs!


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