A burger by any other name, is still a burger

What is a burger?  180s

Is it beef, buns, lettuce and tomatoes, fries? No.  A burger is an explosion of deliciousness in your mouth.  A burger is Kapow! of pure amazing beef and wowzer! Boom!  Rat-tat-tat!  Wuuuuuuut? Gimme more!

A burger gets to the very essence of what it means to be an American citizen.  A true American has three things running through his and her veins. These are: beer, hot dog, and burger.  

Pedro the Pyroman once heard the tale of a man who doctors discovered instead of a heart, the man had a half pound All-American hamburger pumping ketchup and Budweiser through his system. The man lived to be one hundred and fifteen years old and died a healthy old man from wrestling a bear.

Hot Diggity Dogs’ burgers are made with premium Class-A beef.  Take one bite from a Diggity burger and you can taste the difference.  The meat is soft, supple, like biting into meaty heaven.


We look forward to seeing you at where it’s at, Hot Diggity Dogs.


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